How do I sign up multiple batteries to Amber for Batteries?


Whether you have to complete additional steps to get your multi battery system automated by the Amber for Batteries SmartShift™ technology, depends on your set-up and device manufacturer. See below for more info on each of the manufacturers.

Tesla Powerwall

  • We may not need to onboard your batteries separately as this depends on how the batteries are configured at your site.

  • Please check if both Powerwalls are registered under the same Gateway ID. This is usually the case if you have one phase for exporting power so Tesla will combine both devices under one ID. If this is the case, we don't need the additional battery number as both will be combined anyway.

  • Should you have multiple phases and both batteries have their own Gateway ID, please send through the second battery's Gateway number to our Operations team at

  • You can also usually check whether there is one or multiple Tesla Gateway IDs in your Tesla app home screen.

  • Learn more about enrolling your Tesla Powerwall here



  • Your SolarEdge batteries and inverters will all be combined under one site ID. Please submit the inverter details of your lead inverter and ensure that the inverters are strung together in a leader/ follower configuration. Please reach out to your installer to ensure the inverters are commissioned in the right configuration.
  • Learn more about enrolling your SolarEdge system here.


  • We will need to onboard your batteries separately. Please send through the second battery's serial number and check code to our Operations team at 
  • Learn more about enrolling your AlphaESS system here.


  • Please check out this Best Fit Guide for compatibility. We can't currently automate two or more Sungrow hybrid inverter sites if all inverters are attached to a single phase. For multi-phase set-ups, please reach out to our team with your site set-up details at to assess your eligibility.

  • Learn more about enrolling your AlphaESS system here.

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