Why is my bill higher than usual?


The vast majority of Amber customers save significantly with the wholesale model over the course of a year (see the average wholesale rates here). However, if you receive a bill that seems higher than usual, there are four main reasons why this could be the case.

If you need help with understanding your bill, we have a handy visual guide here - https://www.amber.com.au/bill-help 

We'd encourage you to have a quick look at the four primary reasons for your higher bill below, and reach out to us if you have further questions for us in regards to your bill:


Reason 1 - Your previous bills are unpaid

If you open the PDF of your bill and see that the 'opening balance' section of the first page is not $0, this means that your previously issued bills have not been paid yet, causing your balance to roll over. 

If your bills have not been direct debited previously, we'd recommend checking your payment details in the Amber app to ensure that they are up to date so that our direct debit attempts can be successful going forward.


Reason 2 - Your billing period is longer than usual

The next step is to check the billing period of your invoice. If you have a smart meter, you should be receiving monthly bills. However, if you've recently had a smart meter installed, or your meter coordinator has any troubles in receiving your data, your billing period could be longer than usual.


Reason 3 - You've used more power than usual

Typically, the culprits for higher usage are devices such as:

If you've simply been home more often than usual or had more people staying inside than usual your usage will naturally be higher than usual. If you have a smart meter and would like to take a deeper look at your usage patterns, you can export your usage data to investigate further.


Reason 4 - You've been affected by price spikes

The easiest way to check whether this is the case is to check your average cost/kWh on the 'CHARGES SUMMARY' section of the second page of your bill.

If your cost/kWh is significantly higher than the average wholesale rate for your area, there's a good chance that you've been affected by price spikes. We have an entire section of our FAQ page dedicated to price spikes here!


Managing your balance with Amber

Here at Amber, it's important to us that our customers feel supported and empowered with us. So if any of the above reasons don't appear to be the case for your higher bill, or you simply have any further questions for us regarding your bills, please reach out to us.

Additionally, we also have flexible payment options & our hardship program available for all our customers. Whether you are experiencing financial strain, or simply would like to enquire about flexible payment options to manage your balance, please feel welcome in reaching out to our friendly support team.


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