How will you warn me about price spikes?


The Amber app is your key to getting warned - via alerts and notifications - whenever the wholesale price is forecast to spike, or currently spiking.

Keep in mind that wholesale price spikes occur for just a handful of hours (fewer than nine hours each year, historically). But we want to make sure you're prepared to reduce your usage when they do happen.

When you first launch the app, make sure to turn notifications ON. You can choose to get price alerts by SMS, email, and/or push notification. You can also manage your notifications at any time from the Settings screen of the app.

Forecast price spikes

Price spikes are most likely to happen on hot summer days, so it's important to check your app in the morning on those days to review the forecast. We'll also update you in the morning whenever we believe there is a genuine risk of a price spike occurring in the evening, to give you as much notice as possible.

Current price spikes

We will alert you via your chosen notification method (SMS, push, and/or email) whenever the wholesale generation price of power rises above $3.00/kWh during a 5 minute interval. When this happens, it's best to reduce your usage immediately (here are some tips on what to do during a price spike). We'll contact you again when it's safe to resume normal usage.

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