Does Amber offer any kind of price protection?


We've got you covered with our Bill Guarantee.

We pass through the 30 minute wholesale electricity prices to you directly, and over the long-term this is typically a competitive offer, but to give you peace of mind we guarantee that over the course of each quarter you'll never pay more than our Bill Guarantee rates on average for your usage, or we will credit you the difference.

A couple of weeks before the start of each quarter we will set the rate for each network for the quarter, and let all our customers know. Winter months tend to have slightly higher and more volatile prices on average, so the guarantee rates that cover winter months will likely be higher than those that cover summer months.

You can find the Bill Guarantee rates for the current quarter here for customers in Victoria and here for customers outside Victoria.

There’s nothing you need to do to take advantage of this additional protection as we monitor it all for you in the background. We need to wait until the quarter has concluded, to work out your average usage rate and then our team will process the final calculations.

If you become eligible for a credit under our bill guarantee, we will apply this credit to your account approximately one month after the end of the quarter and it will appear in the credits section on your subsequent bill.


This year our Bill Guarantee rates that are set quarterly will be the same, no matter how much power you use (in FY23 residential customers had a higher guarantee rate for usage over 21.9kWh/day on average). 

You can use Bill Guarantee rates as a benchmark for the maximum price you'd pay with Amber on average over each quarter, but over the long term you should expect to pay much less on our wholesale prices, especially if you make efforts to avoid high usage in peak price times.


How does this guarantee work if I have solar (or export to the grid)?

If you live in Victoria and export to the grid, we further guarantee that your annual bill will never be more than the combined effect of the quarterly Bill Guarantee rates, and the Government Minimum Feed In Tariff for power you export. Read the full guide here.

For more information on how solar feed in tariffs work outside of Victoria, read our guide here.

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