Does Amber offer any kind of price protection?

We've got you covered. We pass through the 30 minute wholesale prices directly, and over the long-term this is typically significantly cheaper than the Government’s Default Market Offer (their reference price for power).

To give you peace of mind we guarantee you'll never pay more than the Default Market Offer (or VDO in VIC) on average over a year or we’ll credit you the difference.

We've converted the government reference price to a per kWh rate in our Energy Plan Factsheets (EPFS), so you can use these prices as a benchmark for the maximum price you'd pay with Amber over the course of a year.
If you live in Victoria and have solar panels installed, we further guarantee that your average annual bill will never be more than the combined effect of the Default Market Offer for power you consume, and the Minimum Feed In Tariff for power you export, averaged over a year. Read the full guide here
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