When will I receive my bill and how will I be charged?


Amber will send you your bill 1 week before the due date through e-mail, where you can view your bill in detail via the PDF attached. We will then automatically process your payment using the payment details you've provided via direct debit, so you won't have to worry about anything!

Note: If you pay via BPay before your direct debit date and this has been processed (usually 3 business days), only the remainder of your balance will be direct debited.

How often will I be billed?

  • Smart meter customers are billed monthly
  • Basic meter customers will be billed quarterly
  • Basic meter customers who have recently had a smart meter installed will be billed monthly, but may receive two invoices within a short period of time

I haven't received my electricity bill / where is my bill?

There's a few reasons why you may have not received your bill - in general there's no need to reach out to us as we'll be working hard to sort this out in the background:

  • You've recently had a smart meter installed
    • If your smart meter was recently installed, you might experience a delay of 5-10 business days before receiving your first invoice. This delay occurs as we synchronise with a regular billing cycle. Therefore, your first invoice might cover a shorter period than a typical calendar month.
  • Your meter is having data issues
    • If there is an issue with your meter, you might experience a short delay of around 2 weeks before you receive an invoice. The issue could be missing or incomplete data, or the meter reader has not yet submitted the data to us. Depending on the severity of the issue, this may take longer than two weeks to resolve
    • If this is the case, we'll automatically be looking into this with your network or meter data provider to get your invoice issued as soon as possible!

Why did I receive two bills / why did you send me another bill?

  • You may have received two bills in a short period of time due to recently having a smart meter installed
    • One invoice will cover until the end of your basic meter period, while the other will cover your smart meter period
    • One of these invoices might be for a shorter duration (i.e., less than 31 days)

If you have an issue in repaying your bill, you can set up a payment plan through the Amber app by following the instructions in this article - How do payment plans work at Amber?

If you'd like to pay another way, check out our FAQ on What payment options do you offer?

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