Which batteries are compatible with SmartShift?


When it comes to taking advantage of Amber for Batteries’ battery optimisation and wholesale pricing, there are a couple of ways you can do this. 

If you have one of the following compatible batteries, you can join Amber for Batteries using Amber’s SmartShift technology. 

  • Tesla Powerwall 2
  • SolarEdge with a SolarEdge inverter/s
  • LG Chem with SolarEdge inverter/s
  • AlphaESS - note that only those AlphaESS batteries whose integrated inverter module has a serial numbers starting with AL are compatible - Alpha batteries starting with ALP are not compatible (this number can be located on the side of the top half of the battery system)
  • Hive - same considerations apply as above. The Hive battery is a re-branded AlphaESS
  • Sungrow with hybrid inverter - specifically those with the inverter model numbers 
    • SH5.0RS
    • SH6.0RS
    • SH8.0RS
    • SH10.RS
    • SH5.0RT
    • SH10.RT
    • SH15T
    • SH20T
    • SH25T

If you have one of the following batteries, you can join Amber for Batteries and be optimised by our partner, Evergen, in line with Amber’s wholesale pricing. 

  • Energizer
  • Everready
  • Hive
  • Redback
  • Solax
  • SAJ
  • Goodwe (coming soon)


If you do not have any of these batteries, it may be the case that your battery is going to become eligible shortly, so drop us a line and we can give you an update. 

In the meantime, we do find that solar and battery customers in general tend to do better with Amber’s wholesale pricing, regardless of automation. This is because having a battery to store your solar means that you have the ability to primarily draw energy from the grid at off-peak times, such as early morning or later evening. 

This tends to be when wholesale rates are lower than retail usage rates. As a result, solar and battery owners tend to benefit from a lower average usage rate than they would typically get with a retail energy plan. 

At times when wholesale prices rise, for example between 6pm-8pm when energy demand peaks, you can rely on your stored battery energy. 

To understand more about how much you could save with Amber based on your energy set-up, visit our pricing page and tell us a little more about your system.

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  • Can you please make sure the references to sunglow batteries are consistent throughout your website?
    Your main amber for batteries page says sungrow are coming soon, and then both this page and the one below has a different list

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  • Yes, I admit it's all a bit confusing I like what I am seeing, but they need to remove and update I have a Hybrid inverter looking at purchasing a battery but...

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  • I am a little confused, why are you talking about batteries? Isn't your communication with the inverter? I can understand if it is an all-in-one ac coupled battery but typically a battery is a passive device with a BMS sure, but it is controlled by a hybrid inverter or am I totally confused?

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  • Would love to see Enphase batteries on this list

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  • Would also love to see Sonnen on the list.

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  • Another vote for sonnen

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