Solar Curtailment



There are times when the wholesale price will be negative due to an abundance of cheap renewable energy on the market. To limit the impact of negative Feed in tariffs for our customers, there’s a number of steps we’re taking.

Solar curtailment is one of these options. It involves Amber limiting the solar energy you produce during periods when FiTs turn negative, to restrict the amount you export at these times.

At this stage solar curtailment is available for the following set-ups:

  • SolarEdge solar inverters with a consumption meter
  • AlphaESS battery systems (DC coupled inverters only)
  • Sungrow battery systems (single hybrid inverters only, we cannot curtail sites with multiple inverters)
  • Sungrow solar inverters
  • Fronius solar inverters (coming soon)

If you are already a customer and have one of the above compatible set ups, please register your system from the device tab of our app. 

If you already have a battery optimised by us and your solar system is of a different brand to your battery, but still in the compatible list above, you can add an additional system from the SmartShift settings page which you can access at the bottom of the device tab.

There are two types of curtailment, which one you get may depend on your system set up. Please see the links below for information on the different types of curtailment;

  1. Load following curtailment
  2. On-off curtailment



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