Why is my bill total different to the costs I see on my app?


Currently, there are three points of difference between the costs on your app and on your bill:

- The app does not include your daily charges or our $19/month subscription fee, only the usage price

- The app does not include any concessions, rebates, once off metering charges, or discounts

- The app only shows the last 30 days of usage, which may not line up with the exact dates listed on your bill

If you are on a demand tariff, your demand charges are also not included in the usage price you see in the app. Read more about demand charges here


Because our app is only reflective of your usage costs, it's best to account for the $19/month subscription fee and your daily supply charge when estimating your bills. You can find your network's daily supply charge on our pricing page or your last bill. Deductions can also mean that your bill total is slightly lower than anticipated as well.


If you don't have a smart meter, your quarterly bill will not be reflective of the app due to limited ability to view your usage amounts of the last 3 months. For more detail on this, we have a handy article that explains how you'd be billed if you don't have a smart meter: How do you charge me before I have my smart meter installed?


Rest assured, your correct daily supply charges, subscription fee, and deductions will be honoured on your bills. If you'd like to learn more about how billing with Amber works, feel free to check out our article: What do the charges mean on my bill?

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