What do the prices and costs shown in my app include?


The costs shown in your app include the wholesale price of energy per kWh, This wholesale rate is shown through the daily forecast, historical prices, and the current estimated wholesale rate.

The app also reflects your usage costs and usage amounts over the past 30 days.

These rates shown on your app are inclusive of GreenPower/Carbon Offsets, along with all other usage charges associated with the wholesale rate of electricity. You can learn about what makes up the wholesale rate here:

What exactly are wholesale prices?


There are a couple of charges that your app does not include:

- The app does not include the daily supply charge or our $19/month subscription fee, only the usage costs

- The app does not include any concessions, rebates, or discounts

- The app only shows the last 30 days of usage, which may not line up with the exact dates listed on your bill


All prices shown in the Amber app and website are inclusive of GST.

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