What happens when I sign up for a property I am moving in to?


If you are a brand new customer and signing up for a property you are moving in to, the process is quite different than if you were switching to Amber from another retailer.

What counts as a 'move in'?

If you have already moved in to your new place, but do not have a current electricity account in your name or the name of someone you live with, we would consider this a move-in. If this is you, then you have either been living by candle light in your own home until this point, or the power has been left on by the old occupants of the address (this can happen if the old tenants/owners haven't disconnected their electricity yet). 

  • Note that we consider you to be "moving in" only if there is no current electricity account in your name (or the name of another member of your household) at the property.
  • That means, if you are moving in to a house with housemates or family that already have their electricity account sorted with another provider, then we would not consider this a move-in, in which case you can sign up through the regular onboarding process.
    • Your network may charge a fee for connecting your property, which we will pass on directly to you with no retail markup. For more information on this, please see amber.com.au/fees. We also have an FAQ article on this topic which you can read here.

If you are considered "moving in" or as a move-in, then we need to know about it so that we can set up an electricity connection in your name at your new place. On the sign up page, you will have the option to click "yes" when it asks you if you are moving in to the property. You can then provide us the date that you would like electricity connected at your new house.

  • It is best to give us at least 3 business days notice to make sure we can process everything in time for your move
  • Connections can happen any time from 9am-5pm on business days, so it is a good idea to choose the business day before you move so you can guarantee there will be lights-on when you arrive. 

What do I need to do?

If you are moving into a property in Victoria you must make sure the main switch on your new property is in the OFF position on the day of your planned connection. If you can't get to your property before the connection date, it may be a good idea to ask a real estate agent or property manager to do this for you, as we will not be able to complete the connection if the main switch is ON.

Once you have signed up, we will immediately raise a connection request for your new home on your preferred date. You will not need to wait for the 10 day cooling-off period like you would for a regular transfer. If the power is not on by the time you arrive, please immediately contact us so that we can resolve this issue - you don't have to live in the dark!

I've already moved in/ I'm moving in today and I have no power! What should I do?

  1. Please sign up at the earliest convenience for the next available day the form allows you to select.
  2. E-mail us at info@amber.com.au once you have completed the sign up, and let us know that you need your connection to go through ASAP.

My house has never been connected to power because it is brand new

If you have just built your house, or are moving in to a brand-new building, Amber will not be able to establish a brand-new electricity connection for an unmetered property. This needs to be done by a tier-1 retailer, you can then switch across to us once the electricity connection has been established.

My new place has a basic meter, when will I get a smart meter installed?

We need to wait until we are the retailer of the account to be able to begin the process of installing your meter. We become the retailer of your address on the day you have chosen to move in, and then it generally takes another 3-5 weeks from this date for your meter to be upgraded, if you have any further questions for this process, head over to:

I'm already an Amber customer and I am moving to a new address:

If this is you, head on over to:

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