What if I want to leave Amber?


We don’t have any lock-in contracts or exit fees for switching to another retailer, so you are free to leave at any stage (but we are pretty sure you are going to like us!).


Moving Homes


If you are looking to take Amber with you to your new home, the easiest way is to submit a request via the Amber app. Please open your app, go to the Settings tab and select "Add a property, move house, or cancel account".

If you are unable to access your app or are not looking to bring Amber with you to your new home, feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team by emailing info@amber.com.au with details of your move.

Please keep in mind that the network requires 3 business days' notice (5 business days for SA customers) to action disconnections and that disconnections cannot be scheduled for Fridays, weekends and public holidays.


If you're moving out of your property, your network may charge fees for metering services (e.g. connections, disconnections). We will pass these charges on to your bill without any markup. You can learn more by reading our FAQ: Charges for services such as connections, disconnections, and metering services. See amber.com.au/fees for full lists of charges.



Changing Retailers

Please contact the retailer of your choice and ask to sign up with them. Once they have asked us to transfer your billing rights, we will be able to close your account and send you a final bill.

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