I'm moving, can I stay with Amber?


If you are an existing Amber customer and moving into a property within our distribution area (SA, VIC, NSW, ACT, SE QLD), then sure! 

We have a new feature in the Amber mobile app that will allow you to provide all the details we need to arrange your move. Please open your app, go to the Settings tab and select "Moving house?" there. You can download the App here.

I'm moving in the next 48 hours or have already moved:

If you need power connected at the new property within the next 48hrs, please also contact us ASAP so that we can attempt to action this with your network in time. We will still need the details for your move so please provide the details via the App.

I am moving in >2 business days:

We just need you to please provide all the information in the app so that we can confirm all the details we need to arrange your move.

We'll be in touch by email to confirm as soon as we've processed this for you.

Not yet an Amber customer? Head over here.


Your network may charge a fee for connecting/disconnecting your property, which we will pass on directly to you with no retail markup. For more information on this, please see amber.com.au/fees. We also have an FAQ article on this topic which you can read here.


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