Your Amber for Batteries automation plan


Amber for Batteries is the combination of two unique elements: Amber’s dynamic wholesale pricing and our new SmartShift™ battery optimisation technology.

It boosts the value you get from your solar and battery with smart automation that continually hunts for the best prices to export and charge your battery.

The SmartShift algorithm takes four factors into consideration to create a personalised plan for your battery and this plan updates regularly based on the latest data. The four factors are:

  1. Your forecasted solar production for the day
  2. Your forecasted household energy consumption for the day
  3. Forecasted wholesale prices for the day
  4. Your preferred battery optimisation mode

Bear in mind that during the first 30 days with Amber for Batteries, SmartShift™ is still learning your site behaviour to get significantly smarter at predicting what’s likely to happen in your home. Learn more about the machine-learning forecasting component of the algorithm in this FAQ.

You can see the current battery plan for the next 8h in your Amber app Devices tab when navigating to the "Plan" section up the top.

This will allow you to view the solar generation, household usage and price forecast (if all are toggled on). The grey bars indicate planned battery actions. In the below example, SmartShift™ is planning to dispatch the battery energy and excess solar during the high afternoon prices and then leave the battery in self-consumption mode for the rest of the night so it just covers home usage.


Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 3.48.22 pm.png

You can toggle on and off the "Show automation" feature which will provide a description of which actions SmartShift™ is planning and why.

In addition to this, you also have the ability to turn off optimisations as needed. So if you’re concerned about the weather and you don’t want us tapping into your battery, you can turn optimisations off from your Amber app. Ultimately it's your battery, your investment, so we want to make sure you maintain control.

This is also why we've set up four manual control features for you to take charge of the battery actions. Feel free to read this FAQ article for more info: How do Amber for Batteries' control features work and when would I use them?

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