How does Amber for Batteries work?


Amber for Batteries is the combination of two unique elements: Amber’s dynamic wholesale pricing and our new SmartShift™ battery optimisation technology.

It’s all about helping Aussies gain the control that they always wanted over their battery, while getting paid the same feed-in tariffs that big fossil fuel generators earn (with wholesale FiTs that can reach $19/kWh). 

And it’s about boosting the value you get from your solar and battery with smart automation that continually hunts for the best prices to export and charge their battery. 

 It does this by creating a personalised battery plan that looks at three key factors:

  • Your forecast energy usage in your home
  • Your forecast solar generation 
  • Forecast wholesale prices 

In fact, it’s doing that every five minutes of every day - so that the plan for your battery is as up to date as it could be. 

Bear in mind that after the first 30 days with Amber for Batteries, the system will have enough data to get significantly smarter at predicting what’s likely to happen in your home. This means better battery optimisation. 

We're also continually working on improving the accuracy of our forecasts, so that you’ll get even better value from your battery (we’re even working with CSIRO on this behind the scenes!).

Discover more about Amber for Batteries here

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