Troubleshooting communications issues with the Amber for Batteries SmartShift™ automation


When communication errors are displayed in the Amber app Devices tab, this generally means that the SmartShift™ technology has lost connection to your inverter. 

There could be a few reasons why this may happen. In most cases the communications issues only last for a short time before we can reconnect with the inverter. Should the error persist though, please follow these steps to troubleshoot and identify the underlying issue:

  1. Check your wifi connection

The main reason we lose contact with your inverter is an interruption in your wifi connection as we control your inverter via the device API. SmartShift™ requires a strong wifi signal in order to be able to optimise your battery. 

Should you find that the wifi connection is unstable, we recommend moving your wifi modem close to the inverter or installing a wifi extender to boost the strength. 

If you have recently changed your wifi set-up or password, please also ensure that this is updated on your inverter. If you have issues with this, feel free to reach out to your installer for assistance.

  1. Check if your battery inverter is offline

There could also be an issue with your inverter which means that your inverter is offline despite a strong wifi connection. This usually happens when there’s problems with the communications module or if the inverter malfunctions.

You can usually check on your inverter and system by logging in to your battery/inverter mobile app or web portal (e.g. Sungrow iSolar cloud or the Tesla app). When you open the app, the system’s connection status should be prominently displayed. Another way to check is seeing if there’s any data (e.g. solar power or battery power) being reported in your battery app.

Please find some troubleshooting steps for different battery brands below:

Your AlphaEss system is offline

If your system is offline, there is an instructional video from AlphaESS to help bring your system online again, which you can find linked here. If you are unable to bring the battery online again via the instructions in the video, we recommend reaching out directly to your installer to look into the site for troubleshooting

Should this not be an option, you can also reach out directly to the AlphaESS customer support to investigate this issue. Their Australian contact centre can be reached via +61 1300 968 933 (Technical Support) or via email:

Your SolarEdge system is offline

​​To configure your inverter's communication, please use the following instructions to reconnect the inverter via an app called "My SolarEdge": 

Should this not be an option, you can also reach out directly to SolarEdge customer support to investigate this issue. 

Your Sungrow system is offline

If the system is offline, we recommend following this Sungrow checklist to troubleshoot the issue or reach out to your installer for assistance.

Should this not be an option, you can also reach out directly to the Sungrow customer support to investigate this issue. You can find the relevant contact details here.

Your Tesla Powerwall is offline

Your Tesla app may look like this: 

How to reconnect the Tesla Powerwall to wifi here. More information on troubleshooting device issues here.


If you're not able to solve the communications error with the above troubleshooting steps, please feel free to reach out to our support team to have them investigate what may be causing the issue.

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