Cash rebate for South Australian SmartShift customers (SA REPS)


Big news for SmartShift customers in South Australia!

Amber SmartShift™ is now an approved VPP under the SA Gov REPS (Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme), which means you may be eligible for a cash rebate for optimising your battery through SmartShift.

To take advantage of the rebate that’s now available to you, you must be an Amber customer, enrolled in Amber's SmartShift battery optimisation, and you must complete and submit this form to MAC Trade Services, who are administering the rebate.

Note: If you have any questions on eligibility, or struggle with the application process, you can reach out directly to MAC at or by calling 1300 430 917.

What you are entitled to claim under the scheme

How much you are entitled to be rebated under the scheme is dependant on your battery size in kWh and if you are a ‘priority group’ or 'non-priority group' customer (as defined on the ESCOSA website here). 

Rebates are capped at 28kWh (ie. a 40kWh battery will receive the same rebate as a 28kWh battery).

Check the MAC Trade Services website, select 'SmartShift' and your battery from the dropdown menu to determine which rebate amount applies to your specific battery. 


Battery Priority group rebate Non-priority group rebate
SolarEdge  $730 $560
AlphaESS Smile G3-S5 with Smile-G3-BAT-10.1P $730 $560
Tesla Powerwall 2 $1,030 $780
Sungrow 25.6kWh battery with hybrid inverter  $1,760 $1,340

You can claim for more than one battery, up to a maximum of 28kWh of capacity. 

Note: Claiming this credit does not lock you in to Amber for any period of time. It’s basically free cash. 

Eligibility: Read the REPS VPP terms and conditions here.

The only requirement to claim your rebate under REPS is that you need to have joined Amber’s SmartShift program in SA since July 3rd 2023.

Customers can only claim the REPS rebate once. If you have been considering expanding your battery storage, do so before applying for the rebate. For example, a single Powerwall attracts a $780 rebate while 2x Powerwalls attract the max rebate of $2050. You cannot claim for one battery then claim again once you expand your storage. If you need an installer recommendation, Amber can help. 

Claiming your rebate 

If you are not yet an Amber for Batteries customers in South Australia, the first step is to join Amber

Once you are an Amber customer, and you have provided your battery information and enrolled in SmartShift, you can head here to upload your docs and claim your cashback from SA REPS. 

This rebate application and payment is facilitated by MAC Trade Services, Amber’s accredited activity provider under REPS and all questions regarding the application process and the scheme should be directed to MAC Trade Services via the contact details on their website.

Required documents to make a rebate claim are listed with example images on the application form.

They include: 

  • A copy of your original signed quote or contract from the company that installed your battery;
  • Electrical Certificate of Compliant (ECOC) paperwork - (reach out to your installer if you don’t have this)
  • Photo of the battery installed at your property
  • Email from Amber confirming you are on SmartShift (search your inbox for an email entitled “Your battery’s being optimised!”)
  • Evidence of your eligibility as a priority customer if applicable

Once your application and the documentation above has been received and approved by MAC Trade Services, your payment will be sent to you within 60 days.

Note: Should you not be able to find the 'Your Battery's Being Optimised' email, please still submit the application to MAC trade and we will confirm the enrolment date with them internally.

Reach out to MAC Trade Services with any questions

If you have any questions on eligibility, or struggle with the application process, you can reach out directly to MAC at or by calling 1300 430 917. 

To be clear, Amber is not paying this rebate, determining eligibility or rebate amount. We simply have worked to get SmartShift™ approved by the SA Government under REPS, so you have the opportunity to access this rebate once you are a fully-optimised Amber for Batteries customer.

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