Enrolling your Sungrow system to Amber for Batteries



Which Sungrow batteries are compatible?

Sungrow with a single hybrid inverter

Amber is compatible with Sungrow plus a hybrid inverter with the following inverter model numbers. Note: Amber cannot control the SH5K or other early models of Sungrow hybrid inverters.

Single Phase Inverter Three Phase Inverter


For Sungrow systems with multiple inverters

Please check out this Best Fit Guide for compatibility. We can't currently automate two or more Sungrow hybrid inverter sites if all inverters are attached to a single phase. For multi-phase set-ups, please reach out to our team with your site set-up details at smartshift@amber.com.au to assess your eligibility. 

How do I sign up to Amber for Batteries?

If you haven't already provided the battery details during sign-up for your Amber account, follow these steps via the Amber app:

  1. Download the Amber app.
  2. Log into the Amber app using the email and password created on registration.
  3. Head to the Devices tab at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select Sungrow as your battery brand.
  5. Enter your Model Number, Serial Number and Battery Capacity (Wh).

Where to find your inverter model and serial number?

The inverter serial number can be found on the sticker located on the right side of your inverter. The inverter model appears on your quote, invoice and the inverter sticker (e.g. SH5.0RS, SH10RT).

​Serial number: A20 XXX XXXX (the letter A followed by ten numbers).

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 4.38.40 pm.png

How to convert Kilowatt-hours (kWh) to Watt-hours (Wh)?

For enrolment, our system needs to know the Wh capacity of your battery. In order to convert your battery capacity from kWh to Wh, you need to multiply the number of kWh by 1000.

For example: If your battery capacity is 12.8kWh

12.8 (kWh) x 1000 = 12800 (Wh)


What happens after I sign up?

We've published this guide on the Amber for Batteries Enrolment Process if you want to take a deep-dive.

After you've signed up to Amber and submitted your battery details via the website or app, we will check that your site is all set up to join the SmartShift™ program. This includes making sure that you've officially transferred to Amber as your electricity retailer, that you've got a smart meter installed and that your meter is configured to record solar exports. All this has to happen before we can continue with the battery enrolment.

Once your site is good to go, our Operations team will request access to the battery control from Sungrow. The team will then be alerted if there are any issues with the enrolment. Please see the below for common issues that may delay the enrolment of your battery.


Checklist to avoid delays during enrolment

Add your NMI to the Sungrow Portal

In order to ensure your battery and inverter are ready for Amber for Batteries, your National Meter Identifier ID (NMI) needs to be added to the Sungrow Portal to identify your electricity network connection point. 

To add your NMI to the Sungrow Portal:

  1. Log into your Sungrow Power Portal (iSolar Cloud), we have linked the webpage here.  
  2. Select the Home button on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Select Plant Configuration and then Plant.
  4. Add your 10-digit NMI to the section highlighted in the screenshot below. 



Where do I find my NMI? 

You'll find your National Meter ID (NMI) on a previous electricity bill - usually on either the second or third page. If you're able to dig one out and find the number please send us an email at info@amber.com.au and we can send it to you.  


Ensure your Property Address is correct in the Sungrow portal

  1. Log into your Sungrow Power Portal (iSolar Cloud), we have linked the webpage here.   
  2. Select the Home button on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Select Plant Configuration and then Plant.
  4. Update the address
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  • What happens after you’ve completed the above steps but are seeing the following?

    Linking device:
    Sit tight, we are currently trying to link your device up with our systems

    We’re unable to link with your battery. Verify your NMI is submitted in the Sungrow portal or app.

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  • Hi Jared, James here from the Amber for Batteries team. Thanks for reaching out.

    The onbaording process you are reference is the requirement for SunGrow sites to require that your sites National Meter Identification number in the SunGrow portal.

    Feel free to email the team like you did at info@amber.com.au for any assistance.


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