By battery automation, do you mean joining a VPP?


Essentially, yes. 

The challenge is that outside of South Australia relatively few batteries are part of a VPP (it is estimated that the number might be around 15%). This is despite VPPs being described as “the future of energy retailing”

This campaign is all about raising awareness of what we can achieve with battery automation on a much larger scale. 

It's also about letting people know that not all VPPs are the same.

Depending on which VPP provider you’re with, the value being generated by your battery is often going to one of the big coal and gas companies.

Amber's SmartShift is also the only VPP that passes on the full financial upside of exporting your energy into the wholesale electricity market, rather than taking a cut like most VPP providers.

SmartShift optimises home batteries to charge from the grid when energy is greenest and price are lowest, and export to the grid when demand is peaking and prices are highest.

SmartShift also offers the most control of any battery optimisation technology, with charge, discharge, and preserve battery mode - as well as the ability to switch SmartShift off completely. 

SmartShift is currently compatible with the LG Chem Energy Storage System with a Solar Edge Inverter, Solar Edge Batteries and the Tesla Powerwall. But we are adding more batteries all the time - so stay tuned!


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