Personalised app prices for Time of Use (ToU) tariff customers


Your network tariff represents the fees that your local network (who manage the poles and wires) charge us to deliver each kWh of power you use. Our team has been hard at work on supporting a bigger selection of Australia’s 270+ different network tariffs in the Amber app. We’ve now personalised the wholesale prices shown in the app by adding support for your household’s specific network tariff.

Previously, your wholesale prices and usage costs shown in the app were based on the most common network tariff in your postcode, which was a flat or “Anytime” tariff. With this tariff, network fees are the same for every kWh you use, regardless of when you use it.

From today, the wholesale prices and usage costs you see in the Amber app will be fully personalised to your household. Your household is on a Time of Use (ToU) tariff, meaning your network fees are lower during off-peak times, and higher during peak times. The personalised wholesale prices now shown in the app will reflect your changing network fees throughout the day.

This doesn’t change what you’ve been paying, or what you can expect to pay with Amber in the future. It means that from now on the prices and usage costs you see in the app should always align exactly with what you've been seeing on your bills.

We hope this change makes the Amber app even more useful for planning your usage and understanding your household’s real-time wholesale energy costs.

prices shown in the above pie chart are indicative based on a flat network tariff. If you are on a Time of Use tariff the network cost will vary based on when you use electricity as outlined in the tables below


We are in the process of updating this page with the 2021/22 prices.

Please check back later.

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