Personalised app prices for Anytime tariff customers


Your network tariff represents the fees that your local network (who manage the poles and wires) charge us to deliver each kWh of power you use. All energy providers include this fee in their prices, but we pass it through wholesale, without adding any retail markup.

Our team has been hard at work on supporting a bigger selection of Australia’s 270+ different network tariffs in the Amber app.

Previously, your wholesale prices and usage costs shown in the app were calculated using the most common network tariff in your postcode. We’ve now personalised the wholesale prices shown in the Amber app by adding support for your household’s specific network tariff.

This doesn’t change what you’ve been paying, or what you can expect to pay with Amber. It means that from now on the prices and usage costs you see in the app should always align exactly with what you see on your bills.

It’s a small change, but one that we hope makes the Amber app even more useful for planning your usage and understanding your household’s real-time wholesale energy costs.

Tariff information


Code Network Tariff (inc. GST)
EA010 9.23¢/kWh
EA111 8.87¢/kWh
EA116 3.08¢/kWh
EA050 8.90¢/kWh
EA251 8.54¢/kWh
EA256 3.38¢/kWh


AusNet Services

Code Network Tariff (inc. GST)
NGT11 14.47¢/kWh
NGT13 14.47¢/kWh
NGT14 14.47¢/kWh
NGT15 14.47¢/kWh
NEE40 25.35¢/kWh
NEE41 25.35¢/kWh
NEE42 25.35¢/kWh
NEE43 25.35¢/kWh



Code Network Tariff (inc. GST)
C1R 7.12¢/kWh
C1RB 7.12¢/kWh
CR 3.73¢/kWh
CRB 3.73¢/kWh
C1G 8.29¢/kWh
C1GB 8.29¢/kWh


Endeavour Energy

Code Network Tariff (inc. GST)
N70 9.48¢/kWh
NC01 9.48¢/kWh
NC02 9.48¢/kWh
NFT0 9.48¢/kWh
NS70 9.48¢/kWh



Code Network Tariff (inc. GST)
3750 3.76¢/kWh
3770 3.76¢/kWh
3950 6.45¢/kWh
3970 6.45¢/kWh
8400 9.72¢/kWh
8420 9.72¢/kWh
8460 9.72¢/kWh
8470 9.72¢/kWh
3650 6.51¢/kWh
3670 6.51¢/kWh
3850 6.51¢/kWh
3870 6.51¢/kWh
8500 9.79¢/kWh
8520 9.79¢/kWh
8550 9.79¢/kWh
8560 9.79¢/kWh
7100 5.19¢/kWh
7150 5.19¢/kWh


Essential Energy

Code Network Tariff (inc. GST)
BLNN2AU 11.55¢/kWh
BLNN1AU 15.97¢/kWh



Code Network Tariff (inc. GST)
010 8.85¢/kWh
011 8.85¢/kWh
025 3.54¢/kWh
026 3.54¢/kWh
106 5.23¢/kWh
107 5.23¢/kWh



Code Network Tariff (inc. GST)
A100 8.16¢/kWh
A100A180 8.16¢/kWh
F100 8.16¢/kWh
T100 8.16¢/kWh
A10D 3.22¢/kWh
F10D 3.22¢/kWh
T10D 3.22¢/kWh
A200 10.26¢/kWh
F200 10.26¢/kWh
T200 10.26¢/kWh
A20D 8.48¢/kWh
F20D 8.48¢/kWh
T20D 8.48¢/kWh



Code Network Tariff (inc. GST)
D1 7.41¢/kWh
D1DD1 7.41¢/kWh
P1DK 7.41¢/kWh
DD 3.20¢/kWh
DDNEW 0.00¢/kWh
ND1 9.28¢/kWh
NDD 5.01¢/kWh
NDM 5.13¢/kWh


SA Power

Code Network Tariff (inc. GST)
BSR124I 16.51¢/kWh
BSRI 16.51¢/kWh
BSROPCLI 16.51¢/kWh
BSRT 19.83¢/kWh
BSRTOPCL 19.83¢/kWh
LVUU24I 10.82¢/kWh
LVUUI 10.82¢/kWh
MBSR 16.51¢/kWh
MBSRI 16.51¢/kWh
MBSRROPCL 16.51¢/kWh
MRSR 15.16¢/kWh
MRSRI 15.16¢/kWh
MRSRII 15.16¢/kWh
MRSROPCL 15.16¢/kWh
QBSR 16.51¢/kWh
QBSRI 16.51¢/kWh
QBSROPCL 16.51¢/kWh
QRSR 15.16¢/kWh
QRSRI 15.16¢/kWh
QRSROPCL 15.16¢/kWh
RSR 15.16¢/kWh
RSRCL 15.16¢/kWh
RSRCLI 15.16¢/kWh
RSRCLMC 15.16¢/kWh
RSRCLMCI 15.16¢/kWh
RSRI 15.16¢/kWh
RSROPCL 15.16¢/kWh


United Energy

Code Network Tariff (inc. GST)
LVS1R 8.44¢/kWh
LVS1RDED 8.44¢/kWh
FLVS1R 8.44¢/kWh
RESKW1R 3.42¢/kWh
FRESKW1R 3.42¢/kWh
LVM1R 10.20¢/kWh
FLVM1R 10.20¢/kWh
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