What if I can’t minimise my usage during a spike?


Wholesale prices can spike up to ~$19/kWh for a number of hour each year (see more about how often price spikes occurred in 2023), at times when the grid is really struggling to meet demand. 

Reducing your usage during price spikes is one of the most powerful things your household can do to save more on your Amber bills and stop supporting the profits and dirty tactics of coal and gas generators.

"Reducing your usage" during a spike typically means pre-cooling or warming your house, then switching off the aircon or heater and holding off on cooking dinner (if your stove and oven are electric) until the price spike is over.

But we know that reducing usage is not possible for every single household.

If you're not able to reduce your usage at all during spikes, you could pay more with Amber than with a traditional retailer in occasional months when demand is unusually high.

But if you're willing to try some clever tricks to reduce your usage during spikes, we think you'll love being with Amber year-round.


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