Will I definitely be able to get a smart meter installed at no additional cost?


A smart meter measures and records your usage data at 30 minute intervals and transmits it to the electricity network regularly using 3G. Having a smart meter allows you to see detailed usage data in the Amber app. It also means you can be charged the exact wholesale electricity price for your usage as at each 30 minute interval, so you can be rewarded for using power at cheaper and greener times.

Without a smart meter, we can only pass through the typical wholesale rates in your area, because we can't see the times when you used power.

We attempt to install a smart meter for every Amber customer who doesn't already have one. Around 90% of the time we're able to successfully install a smart meter at no additional cost. We can do this in any situation where the meter is safe to upgrade as is.

But around 10% of the time, smart meter installs require additional electrical works to make your existing meter safe to upgrade. Because our margin is only our low monthly fee, we typically can't cover the cost of these additional works.

Here are some common factors that can occasionally make smart meter install more complex, and increase the likelihood that additional works will be required. If you think any of these factors may apply in your case, please give us a heads up when we schedule your smart meter install.

  • No switch to isolate the meter. This is most commonly needed for older blocks of units, apartments, or townhouses, where multiple electricity meters sometimes share the same power supply. An optional isolation procedure (at additional cost) may be required for the electrician to safely install the new meter without cutting power to other homes.
  • Not enough space to fit the smart meter in the meter box (they're a bit bigger than basic and interval meters).
  • Exposed or unsafe wiring.
  • Asbestos in or around the meter box.

After you become our customer, we'll send a meter installer to your property to attempt to install a smart meter (if you don't already have one). If the attempt fails - usually for one of the above reasons - we'll let you know as soon as we can.

We'll explain any additional works that are required, and their cost. In cases where we can organise these works with your go-ahead, we'll pass the costs through directly, with no markup. You'll always have the option not to proceed and to remain on a basic meter or interval meter if you choose, and will continue to receive Amber's typical wholesale rates.

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