Why is my Live Price different to the AEMO price?


The AEMO spot price (the price of generating your electricity) is only one part of what makes up the real-time wholesale price. There are also additional costs involved with the delivery, and regulatory & environmental costs.

The live-price you see in the app is made up of the following components:

Wholesale price (AEMO Spot Price) - the direct price we pay the electricity generators for their energy.

Network usage costs - a set price per kWh we must pay to use the poles and wires, and pay the people who maintain them (they’re called your local “network” in energy industry lingo).

Other costs - regulatory compliance costs, carbon offset costs, and a small hedging cost to ensure that you won't pay more than the Bill Guarantee price for power over the course of the quarter, or we'll refund the difference.

The following diagram highlights the make up of your live price:




We pass through all these costs without the retail markup.

That’s what makes us different.

For a further explanation of these items you can see our detailed breakdown of all the costs you see on your bill here.

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