Why is my FiT different to the Live Price?


We pay out wholesale prices for any electricity you feed into the grid, so essentially you get paid the same amount a big generator would get. That means your FiT (Feed in Tariff) is set partly by when you export power and you’ll receive more if you are exporting at expensive times.

The main difference between your FiT and the Live Price you pay to import electricity, is that you get charged a few fixed ¢/kWh fees on every kWh of electricity you use (on top of the varying AEMO spot price). These fees are paid to the network (who own the poles and wires that deliver electricity to your house) and regulatory and environmental fees, and while you pay these prices on every ¢/kWh you import, you don’t get paid them for the energy you export to the grid. 

This is highlighted in the diagram below:




It’s worth noting we do however pay you for loss factors and environmental costs on top of the base spot price. For a more detailed breakdown and explanation of each of these fees, you can look at our Billing breakdown article:

Bill Breakdown FAQ

Government rebates and minimum FiTs

The FiT you see in the app doesn't take into account any government rebate schemes you may be a part of or any state-regulated minimum annual FiTs. 

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Amber and Solar customers

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