Why can I not see my usage?


Why is my usage data missing?

There's two common reasons why you can't see usage in your app

  1. If you have just transferred over to Amber and still have a basic meter, you won’t be able to see your daily usage in your app.
  2. There may be an issue in Amber's backend in retrieving this data - when this happens, we'll be aware of it and working had to get it back ASAP. There's no need for concern unless you still can't see it after a few days

I already have a smart meter and my daily usage isn’t showing in my app

If you already have a smart meter and you cannot see any usage, this is most likely because you are still in your cooling-off period, or your transfer to Amber from your old retailer is still ongoing. If you have signed up to Amber within the 10 most recent business days then this will be the case.

If its the case where you have recently had your smart meter installed by our metering partners, it can take up to a week for your usage to show in your app while the update is reflected across all systems. In this time, we do ask that you please be patient- we know you are eager to see your usage and make the most of your Amber account! If after a week you still don’t see any usage, we recommend reaching out to our support team at info@amber.com.au so we can investigate this further. 

My daily usage has suddenly stopped updating

Usage data resets daily based on the Market. You will only be able to see a day's previous usage through your smart meter data. If yesterday's data isn’t showing, please pull down the screen to refresh.

If you are an Amber customer with a smart meter and you see that you can't see your daily usage, or it's stopped updating in your app, don’t panic! Occasionally, there can be a communication issue with your meter resulting in a few days of missing data, however usually your smart meter will then connect and shoot through the missing days straight to your app, bringing you up to date. We know this is a bit frustrating, but unfortunately we do see this on occasion. With the nature of smart meters relying on sending data remotely, the majority of time the meter is accurately recording your reads, it may just send the data intermittently. However, your data should pull through within the next week in this instance.

If you find that you have 14 days of missing data we would ask that you please reach out to us so we can raise a meter data investigation and potentially a meter inspection for you. This is for cases where there is ongoing missing data and we require your metering company to take a closer look on their end. Again, we do ask for patience in these cases as the entire process can take up to 20 business days to resolve, but we’ll be sure to update you once your metering company has let us know they've identified the root cause of the issue and fixed it.

Rest assured in these cases, that even if your smart meter is currently unable to send meter reads, it is still accurately storing them, so once the meter issue has been resolved, you will be able to see your reads for the entire period.

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