Why can I not see my usage?


Data from recently installed smart meters usually starts flowing into the app 3 to 5 days after installation. If after 5 days you're still not seeing your usage, please email us so we can help you.


If your usage isn’t loading it is probably down to 2 reasons:


  • You are still in your cooling-off period

Either you are still in your cooling-off period, or your transfer to Amber from your old retailer is still ongoing. If you have signed up to Amber within the 10 most recent business days then this will be the case.

  • You still don't have a smart meter

We won’t be able to show you your usage data until you have had a smart meter installed. Once you have a smart meter installed your usage data should start appearing in the app within 72 hours.

If you don't apply to those cases and your usage isn't loading, please contact info@amberelectric.com.au



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