What plans do you offer?


We have 2 plans - our default Carbon Neutral plan and our 100% GreenPower plan.

Carbon Neutral plan: This is our default plan. When you choose our carbon-neutral plan, we offset the carbon produced in generating your electricity by buying Certified Emission Reductions (CERs), recognised under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) which are generated by international sustainability developments which reduce CO2 emissions.‍ The prices displayed on our website and on our app already include the carbon offset cost, which only turns out to be 0.1 cents/kWh excl GST.

100% GreenPower plan: GreenPower is a government-accredited scheme that enables consumers to buy ‘certificates’ generated by renewable energy sources which can offset usage from the grid.

The GreenPower scheme acts as a financial transfer that operates on top of the electricity grid. Renewable generators are awarded certificates when they generate electricity, and consumers buy these certificates to offset their consumption. This essentially gives renewable energy a price premium over dirty sources, to encourage more development of renewable sources.

The cost of 100% GreenPower scheme is an additional charge per kWh added to the price you pay for energy. Check our pricing factsheets to view current GreenPower pricing for your network.


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