What is the onboarding process?


You signed up! That's amazing.

We understand changing electricity retailers is not something you do everyday. Fortunately, it is pretty easy! Now that you have signed up, we will take care of everything for you, and rest assured, there is no way you will lose power at any stage in the onboarding process.

It is important to note this article outlines the process if you are changing from one electricity retailer to another. If you are moving into a house and establishing a new connection with Amber, it will be slightly different and you can read about that here.

Here’s an overview of what is going to happen now:

Step 1 - Meter Read: As of the 1st of October 2021, the transfer of your account no longer waits for the cooling-off period to end and will usually happen within 2 business days of sign up. For basic meters; the transfer will usually be on an estimated start read, you can read more about this here. You’ll still have your 10-business day cooling-off period if you change your mind.

Step 2 - Cooling-Off Period: The cooling-off period is a mandatory process that must happen every time you change electricity retailers. It lasts 10 business days, so roughly two weeks. Your 10 day cooling off period starts from when we send the sign up confirmation email to you. The beauty of the cooling-off period is that you have the option to change your mind. If you do so, just get in contact with us so that we can take care of this in the background and ensure you'll remain with your current retailer.

Step 3 - Switched! The final step! Once we have a meter read, we will let your old provider know that you will be switching across to Amber (that's right, no sweat off your back here, we do all the breaking up for you). And that's it, you are now officially an Amber customer. You'll receive an e-mail from us saying 'You’re With Us! Here’s What’s Next' once this has been processed.


Now that you have completed the onboarding process, the fun can really begin! Regardless of what meter type you have, you will now be enjoying wholesale prices and 100% carbon offset electricity. For customers with a smart meter, you can check your app and see your usage data! If you have an old-fashioned meter, you can expect an email about the smart meter installation from someone in our team soon (you can also read more about that process here).

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