How do I know if I've switched over or connected to Amber?


If you're moving from another retailer, you've signed up to Amber and you want to check if you've switched over or connected (i.e. your account is 'active') - there's two different ways you can check:

  1. If you've received a confirmation e-mail from us with subject line: 'You’re With Us! Here’s What’s Next', this means your account is active
  2. Once you've signed up (even if your property hasn't been connected), you'll be able to login to the Amber app with the details you used to sign up
    • From there, you can check Settings -> Property Details -> Property Address
      • If your address has a 'pending' tag, you haven't been connected yet 
      • If your address has no 'pending' tag, you have been connected!
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