Why did my account close without my request?


Occasionally, when a new customer signs up to a retailer, there can be a system error when their billing engine tries to identify your National Meter Identifier (NMI) in the market database. This could mean that the retailer take over the wrong property. 

This happens for a few reasons, including if the wrong address is provided on sign up, if the address provided is unclear (eg. for a granny flat behind a main residence) or if the wrong meter number is provided (eg. in a block of apartments).


Amber claims the wrong site for your account

If you sign up to Amber and we claim the incorrect property for your account, you don't have anything to worry about; if we have claimed the wrong site we can retroactively change the incorrect site back to their old retailer, and we can expedite the process of creating your new account (with the right details this time).

  • Please make sure to check that the address on your ‘Transfer Complete’ email is correct when you receive it.
  • If you believe that you may have input the incorrect address, the address on your account looks wrong, or if you know that a retailer has had trouble locating your NMI in the past, please get in touch with us immediately at info@amber.com.au.
  • The source of truth is always going to be a photo of your meter. We will ask for this to make sure we are actually providing the correct property with electricity.
  • If you have other information such as a bill from a previous retailer, this may help with the investigation too (the more you can send us, the better!).
  • Once we confirm your meter number, we can create a new account for you with the correct details.


A different retailer claims your site in error

If you receive an email about your account closing when you have not requested this, it can often be the case where a different retailer has taken over the electricity at your address. This sometimes happen when someone else in your household signs up with another retailer, or cases of other retailers claiming the wrong address for the same reasons listed above (due to sign up address issues).

  • If you receive this email, please let us know immediately at info@amber.com.au, and we can request the other retailer to transfer your address back to Amber.
  • Once again, please include a photo of your meter. This will expedite the process in reversing the transfer back to Amber, as we will be immediately able to confirm with the other retailer that we have the correct site.
  • This process can take 1-2 weeks depending on how soon the retailer responds to our request, but rest assured once the reverse transfer is completed, you won’t be billed by the other retailer for this time period- you will return to having an active and billing account with Amber.


If you have any questions or concerns about the address associated with your account, please contact a member of our support team at info@amber.com.au.

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