What's a good price to use for my custom price notification?


Within the Amber app, you have the choice to be notified if the wholesale usage price rises above a chosen price.

You can set this price in the 'Settings' section of the app.

This is a good way to be reminded to shift your energy use at times when prices are higher than normal (but not at 'price spike' level) and you might have flexibility in when you need to run some heavy energy-using appliances.

Note: You will automatically be notified (regardless of setting a custom price notification) if prices go over $3/kWh. 

Choosing a price

Ultimately, the price you choose to set here is up to you, but we'd guide most customers to set this at about $1/kWh. 

This might sound a bit high, considering that the average usage rate is a fair bit lower.

However, that's actually why this makes sense. Using energy at 40c or 50c a kWh every now and again is never going to be a big deal for your energy bill when your average wholesale usage rate is so much lower and will even things out. 

By setting a slightly higher rate, you're more likely to be notified when it's important for you to shift, and it will also reduce the number of notifications that you receive, which some customers prefer. 

To see how your Amber usage costs average out over time, check out the Your Week With Amber report in the 'Usage' section of the app.



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