What are the features in the Amber app?


You can download the Amber app here


Note: You can login to the Amber app using the email and password you provided us when you created your account.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can create a new one once you select Customer Login on the app login screen.


Live & Forecast Prices and Renewables

View live prices and the amount of renewable energy in the grid. Easily see how much your household is paying for power, right now, and how green your energy is.

Check the daily price of power and the renewables forecast. Plan your heavy energy usage around when it’s greener and cheaper.

Receive helpful usage summaries. Plain language summaries that explain what the numbers mean for you and how you're tracking over time.

Stay updated with pricing alerts. Always know when prices are forecast to drop or spike.


In-Depth Usage Reports

Get a detailed usage overview: Check your 30-day costs and usage in a glance.

Your Week With Amber: While your day-to-day price is what will catch your attention at first, it's important to see how being with Amber plays out for you over the longer term. With Your Week With Amber, a weekly report, you can track your average usage price, energy usage, renewables usage and feed-in tariff across the last week, month or three months. It's easy to share with family and friends too. 

Split between meters: Easily see how much your meters have imported or exported each day.

The daily breakdown: Get a daily report including cost, usage, average price per kWh, and price history every day.

See the benchmark: Check at a glance whether your usage is up or down compared to normal.


Bill overview

See your latest bill: See what you owe, what your energy usage cost you, and how much you earned if you have solar or a battery. 

View your billing history: Keep tabs on your billing costs with Amber over time, all within the app.


Price notifications

Anytime you want to know what's going on with pricing, you can check the app.

But if you’d like to receive custom price notifications when prices hit a particular level, head to Settings and tell us your price threshold.

(Be aware that setting up ‘Do not disturb’ modes on your devices can limit your ability to receive notifications)

How this works:

  • When the price goes above your threshold, you’ll get notified by text and/or email.
  • You may want to shift any heavy energy usage away from these times
  • Be aware that the price could rise beyond the price it is when you’re first alerted, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on prices for a little while after you receive the alert, because things can change fast.

Amber for Batteries

If you have a compatible home battery, Amber for Batteries and our SmartShift™ technology makes your battery better by optimising it to charge and discharge to your home and the grid in line with wholesale pricing, as well as your solar generation and household usage.

Access real-time pricing: Get paid what the Big Energy generators get paid with wholesale feed-in tariffs. Plus, keep your battery topped up for cheap by charging when grid prices are low. 

Set to autopilot or take the wheel: Choose between two automation modes or take full control of your battery at any time, to charge, export, or preserve your battery. 

Empowered by in-depth insights: Visibility of your battery plan, forecast price and your usage that gives you the info you need to make informed energy decisions

Once you're an Amber customer, you can enrol a compatible battery via the 'Devices' tab in the Amber app.



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