I’ve transferred in on an estimate read?


Why do I have an estimate read?

  • If you have recently switched to Amber and do not yet have a smart meter, your initial "start read" with us will likely be an estimated read. Since the market-wide change on 01/10/2021, customers with manually read basic meters will transfer between retailers based on estimated transfer reads.
  • The estimated reads are calculated by the network using historic usage data. If this data is not available, the calculation is based on the average usage of a comparable customer. We also provide information about this in your welcome email, have a look at our FAQ here.

Why does the market do this?

  • This ensures that the new retailer assumes financial responsibility for your address within 2-3 business days, rather than waiting for the next scheduled read date, which could be months away.
  • This means that we can begin setting up everything for you behind the scenes, reducing the wait time for your account to transfer to Amber.
  • One of the biggest benefits for you is that we can raise the smart meter installation request as soon as the site is transferred, significantly reducing the wait time for a smart meter!

How does estimation work?

  • You'll still be billed based on your actual usage. The only change is that the split between the previous retailer and Amber is estimated. This means that depending on the estimate, you might be billed more or less by your previous retailer compared to Amber.
  • Once Amber receives the first actual reading from your meter (likely during your smart meter installation), we will bill you for the difference between the estimated reading and the final actual reading.

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