Charges for services such as connections, disconnections, and metering services.


Your network and metering provider are responsible for delivering power to your property, maintaining local electricity infrastructure, and providing other services relating to your electricity setup.

Most networks and metering providers charge fees for services such as connecting or disconnecting your property, reading your electricity meter, or reconfiguring your meter to allow you to export solar to the grid.

We pass on these charges to your Amber bill without any retail markup. Here's a list of the most common charges we pass on:

  • Solar reconfiguration - Reconfigure your electricity meter to allow you to export solar energy to the grid and receive a feed-in tariff
  • Re-energisation - Moving into your property and connecting electricity
  • De-energisation - Moving out of your property and disconnecting electricity
  • Special Meter Read - Your network sends a technician to read your meter manually

When one of the services listed above is requested on your behalf, we will pass the associated charge onto your upcoming bill.

These costs are subject to change, as networks and metering companies typically update their prices once or twice per year.

If you are unable to provide safe and direct access to your meter box & mains switch and the network technician is unable to perform the requested service, you may still be charged for the service.

We may also pass on other (less common) service charges from your network and metering providers. We pass these on with no retail markup. You can see full lists of these charges here:


Metering reconfigurations

If your meter needs to be reconfigured (e.g. so that you can export solar to the grid), here are the charges for the most common metering companies:

Metering company Service Cost (excl. GST)
BlueCurrent (formerly Vector) Metering reconfiguration $21.40
Intellihub / Acumen Metering reconfiguration $12.50
PlusES / Active Metering reconfiguration $35.31


If you're in Victoria, your network may also be your metering company. You can see the full list of network charges (including metering services) here:

If you need to request a service order which is not listed above, the fees associated may be subject to a custom quote. If that’s the case, please feel free to get in contact with us at and our friendly team will be happy to help!

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