What is Amber's subscription fee?


Amber's subscription fee is currently $19/month. It's our only margin for running the business. We don't profit from your electricity usage or daily supply charge, so we can focus on getting your power bills as low as possible.

Why make this change?

When we started Amber it was super basic - just a website, wholesale energy bills, and no app.

Since then we've learned a lot and spent thousands of hours listening to customers. What we hear is that you want us to do more to help you save money and use more renewables.

To reach Amber’s full potential we need to make some big investments - we need to invest in our engineering team to build out an amazing app and more products, invest in partnerships with smart device companies to be able control devices automatically for you, and invest in our customer support team so that we can deliver a terrific experience.

To make these investments in making Amber better, we need to make sure we'll be around for the long-term. That’s why we're making this price change.

We're confident that the value you get in return for your subscription fee will speak for itself - and that this is the only change to our subscription fee we'll have to make.

$19 a month might not seem like a lot. But for our small team, moving to $19 a month is a game-changer. It means we can run a sustainable business and make Amber better for you, faster, so you can save even more on your energy bills and do more to support renewables.

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