Is my household a good fit for Amber's real-time solar feed-in tariff (FiT)?


We believe Amber's real-time FiT is the future of solar in Australia. But not everyone is a good fit for a real-time FiT. Some people will benefit most from the old way of doing things.

If you have solar but no battery, it’s important to understand how Amber's variable wholesale FiT works, as this is quite different to a traditional fixed-rate energy retailer. At times, wholesale FiTs can be very low during the day - even turning negative.

The questions below will help you decide whether getting paid the real market value of your exports is right for you. Before reading, make sure you've checked Amber's typical FiT in your area.
πŸ‘  Do you want to maximise the environmental benefits of your solar? You're a good fit!  To keep the grid in balance as we progress toward 100% renewables, rooftop solar owners will need to participate in the same supply and demand-based energy marketplace as the big generators. Your FiT with Amber is also highest when you export solar at times when demand would otherwise be met by expensive and dirty power sources, like coal and gas.
πŸ‘  Do you import more from the grid than you export? You're a good fit! We've crunched the numbers on this one. Most customers who import more than they export will save significantly versus the DMO (the government's reference price for power). Wholesale import prices are hard to beat.
πŸ‘  Do you have a battery? You're a good fit! You can store more of your solar to use during times when wholesale FiTs are low, instead using these to cover your usage at peak times when the wholesale price is more expensive. You're also far more likely to only use power from the grid at off-peak times when the wholesale price is cheap.
πŸ‘  Do you have West-facing panels? You're a good fit! Amber's real-time FiT is often highest in the afternoon and early evening when demand on the grid is higher than in the middle of the day.

πŸ‘  Do you have a SolarEdge inverter with a consumption meter or a Sungrow inverter? We can curtail solar generation during negative feed-in tariff periods for SolarEdge inverters (SolarEdge inverters must have a consumption meter / energy meter) and Sungrow inverters during negative feed-in prices. Reach out to us to find out more.
πŸ‘Ž  Are you a net exporter with a massive North-facing solar set up and no battery? We'll be totally transparent: Amber's probably not a great fit for you. That's because you'll be exporting heaps of solar at the same time as everyone else, when there's already lots of supply and low demand on the grid, and when the market value of your exports is low (with the wholesale FiT at times turning negative in some states). In most cases people with this kind of setup will be better off under a fixed FiT model.

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