Why is Amber's wholesale model better for the planet?


Australia has a couple of big problems. We pay too much for electricity and we aren’t moving fast enough towards 100% renewables.

The first one hurts your wallet, and the second one is destroying the planet.

Amber’s vision is to solve both these problems.

Stage 1. The current Amber model




Amber customers cut out the middle-men retailers by accessing wholesale energy prices directly. They can take their savings further by shifting some of their power usage to times when cheap renewables are generating, driving demand for renewable energy when it's available. 

Stage 2. The future of Amber


We are developing technology to automatically optimise home batteries and EVs to shift some of our customers’ usage to times when cheap renewables are available - and to ensure that more renewable energy is going back into the grid when it needs it most.
So far, this means our battery optimisation technology, SmartShift, which you can learn more about here. Next up is our EV smart charging optimisation product, which will let EV owners charge up when energy is cheapest and greenest, and V2G optimisation, which will allow EV owners to save even more put energy back into the grid (and their homes) too. 

By enabling these devices to automatically take advantage of times when energy is cheap and green - and to export to the grid when prices rise -  this means cheaper bills and greater demand for renewable energy.
Stage 3. A smarter energy future for Australia
If we reach a critical mass of people using this technology, we can shift more of Australia’s energy usage to times when wind and solar are available and help displace coal and gas from the energy system using technology that's already sitting right in people's garages and driveways.

We believe this will accelerate the transition to a future powered by renewables, and ultimately, tackle climate change. It'll also make sure Aussie households are rewarded for leading the charge. 
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