I have a household battery, how does Amber work?


Amber's SmartShift™ technology can automatically optimise household batteries to charge and discharge battery energy in line with wholesale prices to minimise customer costs. Head to our Amber for Batteries page to learn more and see if your system is compatible.

The benefits of being an Amber customer with a battery.

If you're like most battery owners, you tend to only use power from the grid late at night or early in the morning when the sun is not shining. 🌞 

Generally, your battery will fill up with solar energy while the sun is shining. This is stored in the battery and can be consumed by your household during peak times, when prices tend to be higher due to low renewables and high demand on the grid.

When you join Amber for Batteries, the benefits get even better. 

If your household doesn't need to consume all the energy in your battery you can export excess energy to the grid and earn a higher feed-in rate. 

Similarly, if the sun isn't generating enough solar energy to fill your battery you may be able to charge from the grid when wholesale prices are low or negative to consume later in the day. 

Overall, automating your battery with Amber for Batteries saves Amber customers around $300-1300 a year on average, depending on your system and state. 

Learn more about why wholesale prices are ideal for battery owners

Learn more about Amber for Batteries 


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