How does Amber work?

In Australia, the wholesale price of electricity is often cheapest when renewables are generating.

With a flat retail price (the traditional model) you pay the same amount even when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, and the grid is full of plentiful, cheap renewables.

With Amber, energy is usually cheaper when it’s greener. You’ll save on power while driving additional demand for renewable energy in Australia.
How the energy market currently works
How we've revolutionised the energy market
You’ll gain access to the realtime wholesale electricity price as it changes every 30 mins, without the retail markup.

It’s as good as electricity pricing gets.

You can save even more by shifting some of your usage to off-peak times when renewables are generating and prices are cheap - usually during the middle of the day and throughout the night.

When you become a customer, you’ll get access to a handy app you can use to plan your usage around cheaper and greener times.

This means you won’t have to choose between what’s good for your wallet and what’s good for the planet.
How good is that?
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