Withdrawn Market Tariffs in 2024



Every year on July 1st the electricity market adjusts its prices, in particular the networks who look after the poles and wires. Often, certain tariffs are withdrawn during this period of price change and effected sites are moved onto an alternative tariff. Please note, this article only refers to market tariffs that are being withdrawn, not trial tariffs that are ending. For more information on trial tariffs, please refer to your annual reprice email, our individual articles on these specific trial tariffs, or network documentation. 

List of Withdrawn Tariffs

Please note this is not a comprehensive list of all tariff changes, only those that effect Amber customers as at June 2024. If you are effected, you can confirm your new tariff code and details by checking the Amber app after 1 July. 

Network FY24 Tariff Name FY24 Tariff Code FY25 Tariff Code Pricing Documentation


Residential transitional TOU EA011

Smart meter: EA025

Interval/basic meter: EA111

Link here


Residential TOU demand EA115 All meters: EA025 Link here


Small business transitional TOU EA051

Smart meter: EA251

Interval/basic meter: EA225

Link here


Transitional 40-160 MWh EA316 EA302 (LV 60-160 MWh, dependant on consumption threshold)

Link here

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