Making the most of wholesale prices when you have solar



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Use as much of your solar as you can

If you use most of your solar generation within your home, then your feed-in tariff is less important than your usage rate. In these situations, getting the cheapest usage rate for those times you need to use energy outside of when your solar is generating is important.

Since wholesale prices are low on average, Amber offers a great solution for solar homes that fit into this 'net importer' (vs. 'net exporter') category.

Switch your controlled load over to solar

Many Aussie homeowners have traditionally taken advantage of controlled load tariffs to reduce their energy costs. Controlled loads allow you to run high-energy usage appliances like hot water heaters or pool pumps on a separately metered circuit at non-peak times. This allows you to run them for a lower cost electricity rate than you get for the rest of the energy you use in your home.

While controlled load tariffs can help reduce energy costs, for solar homes, there's an ever-increasing case to be made for moving away from controlled load tariffs to run your high energy appliances off your solar instead.

With daytime feed-in tariffs dropping so low (occasionally falling into negative territory when there's an abundance of renewables in the grid) using your own solar becomes far more valuable than sending it into the grid.

Your electric hot water heater can become like a solar sponge during the times when your solar is generating, using up your free renewable energy so you can avoid using energy from the grid to run your appliances later.

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Set timers on your heavy usage appliances

If you don't already have a controlled load and would like to run your appliances as a solar sponge, you can simply add a timer to those devices and set them to run during the solar window (when solar is generating). 

When it might be time to look at other options

If you export a lot more power than you use, then your FiT will be a significant component of your bill. In these cases, prioritising finding a high FiT with another provider during the spring season might be your most sensible option.

Just had solar installed?

Make sure you let us know so we can get your solar configured and ensure you get the FiT you're owed for your solar. You can learn more here

Not yet got solar but considering it?

This article from Chris, our CEO, has some great pointers on things to think about before you make the switch. 

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