Enrolling your SolarEdge system to Amber for Batteries


Which SolarEdge systems are compatible?

You can join Amber for Batteries using Amber’s SmartShift™ technology with an LG Chem battery with SolarEdge inverter/s or a SolarEdge battery with a SolarEdge inverter/s.

For our solar curtailment technology, that limits exports to the grid during times of negative FiT to work, your system will also need a net energy meter. This is sometimes also referred to as a consumption meter as it measures your household fixed load to report it back to the battery inverter. All of the above SolarEdge inverter and battery systems will have this capability already.

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How do I sign up to Amber for Batteries?

If you haven't already provided the battery details during sign-up for your Amber account, follow these steps via the Amber app:

  1. Download the Amber app.
  2. Log into the Amber app using the email and password created on registration.
  3. Head to the Devices tab at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select SolarEdge or LG Chem + SolarEdge inverter as your battery brand.
  5. Fill in your battery details in the form.


What happens after I sign up?

We've published this guide on the Amber for Batteries Enrolment Process if you want to take a deep-dive.

After you've signed up to Amber and submitted your battery details via the website or app, we will check that your site is all set up to join the SmartShift™ program. This includes making sure that you've officially transferred to Amber as your electricity retailer, that you've got a smart meter installed and that your meter is configured to record solar exports. All this has to happen before we can continue with the battery enrolment.

Once your site is good to go, our Operations team will request access to the battery control from SolarEdge. The SolarEdge team then processes enrolments from their end which usually takes 5-10 business days. They will let the Amber Operations team know if there are any issues with the enrolment. Please see the below for common issues that may delay the enrolment of your battery.


Checklist to avoid delays during enrolment

Did you use the correct battery details during sign-up?

  • Please ensure you're using SolarEdge inverter serial number.
  • It should look like this example: 731E033B-C7 which means, an (8 digits - 2 digits) form.
  • It can be found on the top box of the inverter.
  • Be sure to read the serial number carefully and look out for common mistakes like using an "O" instead of a "0" or a "3" instead of an "E"

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Did you unenroll from your previous battery optimisation program?

Remember how we ask you during sign-up if you’re already enrolled with another VPP? Well, if you end up still being with your previous provider when we try to enrol your battery, SolarEdge may not be able to enroll you to the SmartShift™ program. Please ensure you've reached out to your previous provider to make sure your system has been unenrolled. Find more info here:

What to do if you're in a virtual power plant (VPP) before you join Amber (+ clues to tell if you're part of a VPP if you're unsure)


Do you have any external control devices or manual overrides in place?

You may have external monitoring devices (e.g. a Reposit box) installed to monitor your usage behaviour. Unfortunately, most of these devices will interfere with the SmartShift™ battery control so SolarEdge will generally not enrol your site if your Modbus TCP port is enabled. This port is the gateway for the inverter control via external hardware so they want to make sure it's disabled to avoid any conflicting commands being sent to the system. SmartShift™ sends commands to the inverter straight via the device API so we don't need any external hardware. SolarEdge will therefore request for the Modbus TCP port to be disabled before they will enrol you to SmartShift™.

Should you have an external monitoring device and still want to get onboarded to SmartShift™, please get in touch straight with the device company to disable the monitoring (e.g. Reposit). Your TCP port may also be open if you're using monitoring software for a smart home automation software. Please ensure this is disabled for enrolment and that this does not interfere with SmartShift™ controls after enrolment.


What if I have multiple SolarEdge batteries or inverters?

Your SolarEdge batteries and inverters will all be combined under one site ID. Please submit the inverter details of your lead inverter and ensure that the inverters are strung together in a leader/ follower configuration. Please reach out to your installer to ensure the inverters are commissioned in the right configuration. This video may be of help here.

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