Endeavour Two Way Tariff


On the heels of Ausgrid's two-way tariff which many of Amber's battery customers in the Ausgrid network have been enjoying, Endeavour Energy has introduced its own two-way tariff to incentivise energy behaviours that are good for the grid and the environment. 

Endeavour services 2.7 million people in households and businesses across Sydney’s Greater West, the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and the Illawarra, and the South Coast.

The bonus feed-in tariff (FiT) on offer:

  • November - March: 11c/kWh FiT
  • April - October: 3.3c/kWh FiT 

Similar to the Ausgrid two-way tariff, this bonus is paid out for exports during the peak period on top of the variable wholesale rate on offer from Amber. Endeavour's peak window is 4pm-8pm daily. 

Power-based penalty:

There is also a power-based penalty of 3.6c/kW for power exported during the 10am-2pm period. This means you will be charged this much to export at this time. 

However, there's a 2kW allowance, meaning you will not be charged if you keep your export power at less than 2kW.
If you have a 5kW inverter exporting all 5kW between 10am-2pm on at least one day of that month:
  • From November to March, you'll need to be able to export at least 1kWh per day in the 4pm-8pm window to make up for the penalty imposed ($3 a month)
  • From April to October, you'll need to export more than 3kWh per day between 4-8pm to make up for the penalty imposed outside of this window 
  • Check you solar and battery monitoring app or the amber usage tab under 'solar exports' to get a feel for if you're already exporting in this window.
  • Once you switch tariffs, the export bonus will be shown in in your app and SmartShift will consider this new price in deciding whether to export from your battery at this time.
Who this tariff is likely to benefit
Due to the power-based penalty for exports over 2kW between 10am-2pm, we wouldn’t suggest this tariff for anyone with an inverter bigger than 5kW or more than a 5kw export limit.
Of course you know more about your usage habits than we do. If you self consume all of your energy between 10am-2pm and can export lots from 4PM, then we are happy to move you onto this tariff.

Trial the tariff

If you've read the above and are happy to give this tariff a go, you can do so and then switch back  to your old tariff at any time. There is no lock-in. 

This means you could dip into the tariff during the high season to make the most of the 11c/kWh bonus FiT and leave when the bonus FiT drops if you find it is no longer delivering the value of the peak season.
We believe that coming into Summer, with longer days, then if you're able to load shift away from 4-8 then you could do well on this tariff - especially if your panels are facing west.
Note, there is also NOT a no worse off guarantee, unlike with the Ausgrid two-way tariff. 

To switch tariffs, email Amber on info@amber.com.au saying "Please switch me to the Residential Prosumer Tariff, tariff code N61" and we will make this request to the network on your behalf.

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