Endeavour Two Way Tariff

Energy network Endeavour Energy services 2.7 million people in households and businesses across Sydney’s Greater West, the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and the Illawarra, and the South Coast.

The network has introduced a two-way tariff to incentivise energy behaviours that are good for the grid, the environment and Amber customers with a battery, optimised by our SmartShift technology. 

How this tariff is applied by the network has now been updated and is now more attractive to a SmartShift customer.

The bonus feed-in tariff (FiT) on offer

The two way tariff offers the following bonus FiT for energy exports during the peak window (4pm-8pm) in these periods:

  • November - March: 11c/kWh FiT
  • April - October: 3.3c/kWh FiT 

This bonus is paid out for exports during the peak period on top of the variable wholesale rate on offer from Amber. 

What’s changing 

From July 1 2024, the penalty for exports between 10AM and 2PM will be changed from being based on power sent to the grid to the amount of energy sent to the grid. 

This is great news for our customers with solar systems we can optimise because Smartshift will continue to automatically block exports from your system during times when feed-in prices are negative. This means for those customers with solar we can control, no exports will occur during this penalty window and this tariff is all upside. (Note: you may still export a little on occasion, while the battery is charging, but this would be a small amount and likely below the daily free threshold). 

If you don’t have a solar inverter we can optimise, you may still be better off on this tariff. There’s an export allowance of 8kWh/day before you are penalised 1.75c/kWh. If you can increase self-consumption from 10AM-2PM, you will minimise the penalty. If you’re unsure if you will be better off, we suggest trialling the tariff from November until March - the period when the bonus is higher.

Once you switch tariffs, the export bonus will be shown in your app and SmartShift will consider this new price in deciding whether to export from your battery at this time.

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Who this tariff is likely to benefit

Anyone on SmartShift where we are optimising both solar and battery. This includes all Hybrid inverters on SmartShift (Sungrow, AlphaESS, SolarEdge) and AC coupled batteries where we are also controlling the solar system - including Tesla or AC coupled AlphaESS batteries with a SolarEdge or Sungrow solar inverter. Fronius is coming soon.

It can also benefit anyone  with a Village Energy device optimising their solar. Village Energy works with Huawei, multiple Fronius and SMA inverters.

Trial the tariff 

We believe that most of those customers with a controllable solar system will do well on this tariff.

For those whose solar is not controlled, whether or not they will do well will depend on how much energy they can self consume 10AM-2PM and if they are exporting from solar or battery 4-9PM. We’d suggest trialling the tariff in November if uncertain.

Giving this tariff a go comes with minimal risk as there is no lock-in - you can do so  and then switch back to your old tariff at any time. 

This means you could dip into the tariff during the high season to make the most of the 11c/kWh bonus FiT and switch to your previous tariff when the bonus FiT drops. That said, there is NOT a no worse off guarantee as there is with some other trial tariffs. 

To switch tariffs, email Amber on info@amber.com.au saying "Please switch me to the Residential Prosumer Tariff, tariff code N61”.

We will make this request to the network on your behalf. Requests take around a week to be actioned. You will then see higher FiTs reflected in the app between 4-8PM.

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