CommBank Promos


What offers are available?

  • For current CommBank promotions, please check out our website here or the CommBank Yello page! To see your personal CommBank offers, please check the Yello Hub in the app. 

I have another account, can my CommBank promo be applied to that one as well?

  • This code is only applicable to new customers. The CommBank offer can only be applied to one account, even if you have multiple accounts with us.

Where is the credit on my bill?

  • Your CommBank credit will be located as a line item in the ‘Credits’ section of your bill - check out a visual guide of an Amber bill here!

How will I know the promo has been applied?

  • Once you have completed the sign-up process, you will see a success page confirming that your CommBank discount has been applied. You can also check to make sure this has been applied on your first bill under the ‘Credits’ section.

I signed up with a Mates Rates code but didn’t receive a credit for it?

  • If you signed up with your CommBank payment details, we will automatically apply the CommBank promo instead (as it has a higher value for you!). However, your friend will still receive their referral credit!

I’m eligible for a higher Yello tier, can you upgrade my discount?

  • After redeeming your initial Yello offer, you will not be able to upgrade to a higher tier.

I forgot to use my CommBank code on sign up / my code isn’t working?

  • Please reach out to us for assistance and provide a screenshot of your coupon code in the Yello Hub of the CommBank app at
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