See what it's like to be a SmartShift user


See what it's like to be a SmartShift customer in the Amber for Batteries demo app

We've developed an Amber for Batteries Demo App so that you can see what it's like to be an Amber for Batteries user in each state. 

The demo app allows you to login, enter a postcode to set your location, and see the real experience of a SmartShift optimised battery customer in that location in real-time. This includes their live price, live FiT, usage, earnings and more. 

The app is an expansion of our existing publicly-available Renewables Tracker app, which allows anyone to log in and see in real-time the percentage of renewables available in the grid at any time. 

How to access the public / SmartShift demo app:

1. Simply download the Amber app from the Google Play store or Apple store

2. Once in the app, login to the Free Renewables Tracker (not the Customer Login)

3. Update your postcode so that it knows which state you are located in

4. Tap the 'Battery demo'

5. You will now be able to see what's happening with a SmartShift user in your state in that moment, including the Live screen, which shows:

  • Live stats about what's happening right now, including what their battery is doing, household, usage, solar generation, grid imports and state of charge
  • Their plan, including forecast wholesale prices, battery actions (charge, discharge, self-consume, or preserve), household usage, solar generation and grid imports. 

If you wish to check out another customer's SmartShift experience in another state, simply hit 'back' in the top left to head to the Home Screen for the Renewables Tracker and change the postcode.


The profile of our SmartShift demo customers

The information you're looking at in the app is the real experience of an actual SmartShift customer, who has consented to us using their system for this demo.

Here's the system set-up of each customer in each state:

NSW - 6.6kW solar / 10kWh battery (SolarEdge)

VIC - 13kW solar / 32kWh battery (Sungrow)

QLD - 6.6kW solar / 19.2kWh battery  (Sungrow)

SA - 7.7kW solar / 10kWh battery (SolarEdge)


Note: Wholesale prices (both usage rates and feed-in tariffs) change throughout the day and across different seasons, based on factors including levels of energy demand and supply, and the amount of renewable energy in the grid.

Some days you'll see little planned for a customers battery due to relatively stable prices, other days you'll see battery plans that are highly active, capitalising on high or low prices for wholesale energy.




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