What is V2G - and why V2G with Amber?


What is V2G?

V2G stands for Vehicle-to- Grid and relates to the ability for an EV to both charging and discharging of electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

In Australia, SA Power Networks (SAPN) has become the first electricity distributor in Australia to allow network connection of V2G electric vehicle chargers.

The technology that makes V2G possible is a bi-directional EV charger - and currently the Wallbox Qasar is the only certified charger in Australia and is currently exclusively distributed by JetCharge.

There currently are only three EV models capable of sending power from on-board EV batteries back to the grid: 

- Nissan’s Leaf (EZ1 and beyond) – 39kWh or 59kWh

- Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV – 13 to 20kWh

- Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV – 13kWh

We believe that both home batteries and EV batteries will be critical to helping shift Australia to 100% renewables, which is core to Ambers mission.


Why Amber for V2G

On Amber's real-time wholesale pricing model, V2G customers can take advantage of cheap and green top ups during the day when renewables are high; and discharge a portion of the battery when wholesale prices peak earning a higher than average FiT while displacing fossil fuels for clean renewable energy.

Amber is currently working towards providing a V2G solution for its customers. We are also working on smart charging solutions for a broad range of vehicles and chargers.

At present, the main challenge for V2G is access to Wallbox Qasar chargers, as there are only a limited number in stock in Australia – however we expect the Qasar 2 to be launched end 2023, early 2024 and look forward to being in a position to provide more access to these chargers to our customers.

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