Why wholesale pricing is ideal for battery owners


Wholesale energy prices can range from super low (below zero) to super high ($19/kWh). It is this volatility that makes having access to wholesale profitable for battery owners.

Here's why:

  • High price periods in the wholesale market translate into equally high wholesale Feed in Tariffs (FiTs).
    • Exporting excess battery energy into the wholesale energy market allows you to earn these high feed-in tariffs. In return, Amber passes on the full value of what your energy is worth at the time (no cuts taken, unlike other retailers). 
    • High price periods typically occur when demand is peaking and renewables are not, so your renewable energy is worth even more in the market.
  • With a battery you’re generally not buying from the grid at peak price times.
    • When you do import energy from the grid, Amber's SmartShift technology will direct your battery to find the cheapest time to buy energy from the grid.
    • This may even include buying from the grid at times when the wholesale price of energy goes negative. At these times, you would get paid to use/store energy from the grid.
  • Amber's SmartShift technology allows you to easily make the most of wholesale
    • With Amber's smart battery optimisation tech your battery hunts for the best times to sell power into the grid and charge from the grid, allowing you to easily make the most of your battery on wholesale. 

To learn more about how wholesale works, check out our other explainers:

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