How does SmartShift™ work for hot water?


In 2021, hot water heating accounted for a whopping 21% of most Australian households’ energy usage according to So saving on your hot water energy usage can make a big difference to your household’s bottom line.

SmartShift™ for hot water systems is part of Amber’s latest technology, designed to optimise and automatically shift more of your household’s hot water heating to peak renewable times, tackling climate change while you’re busy living life. 

It’ll heat your hot water during the cheapest times of day and avoid higher priced periods (meaning you’ll never accidentally heat your hot water during a price spike).

We are currently on track to save customers up to $175 off their Amber bill by optimising their hot water,

It’s all part of getting to a future where thousands of smart devices work together to run power-hungry appliances at the cheapest renewable times. We believe it’s Australia’s best path to getting to 100% renewables and reducing our need for fossil fuel power. 

My hot water already runs during off-peak times. How will SmartShift™ help me?

SmartShift™ will pick cheaper and greener times to run within your controlled load window - typically, times when cheap wind generation is at its peak.

And if there’s a sweltering hot summer night where everyone is running their Air Cons which sends the wholesale price soaring, SmartShift™ will skip those times automatically.

Is there any hardware or installation required?

To be eligible for SmartShift™ Hot Water - you will need to have an electric hot water system with a storage tank coupled with a very particular smart meter brand. If we identify you have an eligible meter, it will allow us to control your hot water remotely directly from the meter via an API, without any additional hardware or installation requirements. It’s set and forget. So once you sign-up and we have you up and running, there is nothing more you need to do.

Is SmartShift™ for Hot Water available in my state?

To date, SmartShift™ for hot water customers was available for a select number of participants as part of our Beta Program in partnership with the South Australian Government.

Rest assured, once we roll out to the remainder of South Australia and the National Electricity Market later this year - our existing customers will be the first to know. 

If you are an existing customer you can pre-register your interest by filling out the SmartShift™ application form via this link and we will automatically reach out to you once we are able to service your hot water system and other eligible devices. 

If you are not yet an Amber customer - either sign up here and you will automatically be invited to join SmartShift™. Alternatively, feel free to join our waitlist here and we will stay in touch as your device becomes eligible.

Onboarding into SmartShift™

Once  we are able to proceed with your application and your hot water set-up is compatible, we will work our magic on our backend and confirm with you as soon as SmartShift™ is operating and give you instructions via email on how to access your SmartShift™ dashboard within the Amber app (where you will be able to view the past and predicted performance history). See an example of the dashboard view below:



If you have any further questions, feel free to email the SmartShift™ team directly via:


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