How does SmartShift™ work for hot water?


Our SmartShift™ hot water optimisation device is small enough to fit in your hand. It’ll be connected to your electric hot water system circuit by a certified electrician. We’ll organise installation for you, and your installation costs will be fully subsidised by Amber and the South Australian government.

SmartShift™ will automatically shift more of your household’s hot water heating to peak renewable times, tackling climate change while you’re busy living life. We will also make sure your hot water has access to the Solar Sponge tariff which gives you extra cheap access to heat your hot water between 10am-3pm when renewables are generating!

It’ll heat your hot water during the cheapest times of day and avoid higher priced periods (meaning you’ll never accidentally heat your hot water during a price spike).

It’s all part of getting to a future where thousands of smart devices work together to run power-hungry appliances at the cheapest renewable times. 

We believe it’s Australia’s best path to getting to 100% renewables and reducing our need for fossil fuel power.

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