What is SmartShift™?


SmartShift™ is Amber’s proprietary technology that automatically optimises your solar & battery with the aim to minimise your electricity costs.

SmartShift currently saves our customers $200 - $400 a year!

SmartShift™ is currently compatible with the following eligible devices:

  • Home batteries:
    • Tesla Powerwall 2
    •  LG Chem/RESU 10H batteries with a SolarEdge Inverter
    • SolarEdge batteries with a SolarEdge Inverter
  • Solar-only set-ups with a SolarEdge Inverter and energy meter

We intend to roll out to more battery and solar brands in the future, as well as other optimisable home devices, so keep an eye out on our webpage. We will also announce SmartShift™ for electric vehicle charging later this year, stay tuned!

If you are interested in SmartShift™ please visit our SmartShift™ homepage or get in touch at smartshift@amberelectric.com.au

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