What is SmartShift™?


SmartShift™ is a new technology developed by Amber Electric that will allow our customers to optimise their electric hot water system, pool pump or household battery to automatically use power when wholesale electricity prices are cheaper. 

This will save our customers money, enable more renewable energy and help support the reliability of the grid. Our estimates suggest that over the course of 12 months, in addition to the savings you can already make by switching to Amber, you can unlock an additional $150 - 300 of savings through intelligently optimising the times when your household appliances draw energy from the grid.

The first SmartShift™ beta program is supported by a grant under the SA Government’s Demand Management Trials Program and is kicking-off in July 2020 in South Australia (eligible customers only). We plan to expand the program to other states as soon as possible.

If you are interested in SmartShift™ and live in South Australia, please get in touch at smartshift@amberelectric.com.au

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